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Tile Cheat sheet

Free Garage Floor Tile Estimate Tool

Garage Floor Tile CalculatorUsing the attached spreadsheet, fill in the width of your floor in Feet (feet) and Inches (In) in the yellow highlighted areas. Do the same thing for depth. If you want a border, enter the number of tiles wide you want the border (typically one or two). Locate the size of your tile in inches. and follow the row across to the appropriate field. For example if you wanted a checkerboard pattern with border, you would review the results in “O”, “P”, and “Q”. If you wanted a solid color with border you would use “Q” and “R” and for one solid color you would use “E”

This is the tool that our staff uses for quick garage floor tile estimates. The tool is provided for your personal use on an ‘As Is’ basis. Although Garage Flooring LLC makes every effort to make certain the data is accurate we make no guarantees or representations as to its accuracy.

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