TL707 Concrete Floor Epoxy — High Build True 100% Solids

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High Build 100% Solids EpoxyTL707 100% solids, cycloaliphatic, self leveling epoxy is perfect for commercial, industrial and professionally installed garage floor epoxy. Our best epoxy coating in a system you design. It has been the base coat for our premium kits. We are now making it available individually. We also sell our top coat separately as well. When installing as a High Build system, we suggest a spread rate of 130 Sq. Ft. per gallon. The product can be installed thicker and coverage will vary 53-130 square feet per gallon @ 12-30 mils

Pricing & Options

Industrial Grade High Build Garage Floor Epoxy

Industrial Grade High Build Garage Floor Epoxy Our best epoxy base coat, now available separate from our kits. We will help you build the exact floor coating you need, based on your needs.


100% Solids Garage Floor Epoxy 130 Sq.Ft / Gallon – .75 Gallon

SKU: TL707_75G

Price Each:

$ 85.99

100% Solids Garage Floor Epoxy 130 Sq.Ft / Gallon – 1.5 Gallon

SKU: TL7071G

Price Each:

$ 139.99

100% Solids Garage Floor Epoxy 130 Sq.Ft / Gallon – 3 Gallon

SKU: TL7073G

Price Each:

$ 259.98

100% Solids Garage Floor Epoxy 130 Sq.Ft / Gallon – 15 Gallon

SKU: TL70715G

Price Each:

$ 1199.99

5 Pounds 1/4 inch Torginol Flake Blend (non-stock manufacturer direct)


Price Each:

$ 34.99

Price Multiple:

$ 27.80

5 or more for quantity discount

Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat. VOC Compliant 1 Gallon. Covers 400 - 800 Sq. Ft. per gallon


Price Each:

$ 139.99

Aliphatic Urethane Topcoat. VOC Compliant 5 Gallon Pail. Covers 400 - 800 Sq. Ft. per gallon


Price Each:

$ 669.95

TL818 Concrete Repair Patch & Concrete Filler: Covers up to 1000 lft / gallon based on 1/8″ crack

SKU: TL818

Price Each:

$ 79.99

No Grind Flex Joint Fill 2 Gallon Kit. Covers 60-70 lft TL829-2

SKU: TL829

Price Each:

$ 119.99

TrueLock 1 Gallon WB Primer TL015 Covers 229 - 320 Sq. Ft. -- CLEAR

SKU: TL015

Price Each:

$ 89.99

Oil Block Primer for oil stained floors. Covers 200-320 Sq. Ft Black.

SKU: TL820

Price Each:

$ 89.99

5 Pounds Flakes Other Color/Size


Price Each:

$ 34.99

TL321 High Performance Aliphatic Urethane Covers 350 Sq. Ft. / Gallon - 1.5 Gallon

SKU: TL321

Price Each:

$ 139.99

TL321 High Performance Aliphatic Urethane Covers 350 Sq. Ft. / Gallon - 3 Gallon

SKU: TL321-3

Price Each:

$ 299.00

TL322 VOC Aliphatic Urethane Covers 350 Sq. Ft. / Gallon - 1.5 Gallon

SKU: TL322

Price Each:

$ 139.99

TL322 VOC Aliphatic Urethane Covers 350 Sq. Ft. / Gallon - 3 Gallon

SKU: TL322-3

Price Each:

$ 299.00

Anti-wear and Soft Texture Anti Skid -- Tabular Aluminum BULK 1# (.6 - 1# / gallon)

SKU: AntiSkid

Price Each:

$ 14.99

TL707 Epoxy Floor Coating Details

High Build Epoxy System is a high build, colored epoxy/urethane, high performance concrete coating system. It is used for environments requiring an attractive, high performance floor or when a concrete floor has sustained damage requiring a moderately thick surface. The system shown above is how we like to use it, but it can be used without the top coat. Many customers will install it without primer, but we feel primer is highly recommended.

100% Solids Epoxy is the preferred product for professional applicators. Using a high solids product in place of a true 100% solids product reduces out-gassing issues commonly associated with DIY projects. A high solids penetrating epoxy gives you the best of both worlds. Click here for our High Solids Product.

Many industrial customers prefer our orange peel texture. It hides flaws in concrete, and application and is perfect for high use areas. Click here for our 100% solids orange peel product. Like all garage floor epoxy, proper preparation is a must. You can grind or acid etch your floor and make sure you remove all oil stains.

How to Build Your Own Epoxy Kit:

  1. Determine Your square footage.
  2. Order appropriate amount of primer.
  3. Order appropriate amount of base coat.
  4. Order appropriate amount of flake — We use 1# per 100 sq. ft. for a heavy random broadcast. We use 20# per 100 sq. Ft. for full broadcast.
  5. Order the appropriate top coat. For random broadcast systems, 1 coat of our aliphatic urethane is appropriate. You can use our epoxy top coat for a thicker build. For full broadcast we either suggest multiple coats of the Aliphatic urethane or a single coat of the epoxy top coat. For ultimate durability you can do a clear epoxy topcoat followed by a clear aliphatic top coat.
  6. We like the use of top coats. Many consumers will but just the epoxy down. While topcoat is in fact optional, we highly recommend it.

How much epoxy and top coat do I need?

FloorCalc™ | Garage Floor Material Estimator

Garage Flooring Material Calculator

(decimal ft.)


Our calculation is based on the numbers provided above...Garage Flooring LLC recommends that you round up square footage values to the next nearest foot. For example: 100.1 decimal ft. will convert to 101.0 decimal ft.

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