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Trailer Flooring & Trailer Floor Adhesive

Trailer Flooring from BLT G-FloorThere are many reasons manufacturers use our 75 Mil and 85 Mil PVC flooring on trailers. These manufacturers offer our products as their for their OEM trailer flooring. Simply put, it works! Our trailer flooring is easy to install and very affordable.

Our BLT G-Floor trailer flooring in 75 Mil and higher has been tested on and used in almost every type of trailer available. Trailer manufacturers use it, race car trailer owners love it, and were positive it will work great for your trailer too! We have used it in Horse trailers, livestock trailers, cargo trailers,box trailers, utility trailers, & car trailers.  If you do not see the length you need, email us for custom pricing. Please note we highly recommend 85 Mil product for trailers.

G-Floor Over old wood trailerWhen you use our BLT adhesive the trailer flooring can be installed in enclosed or open trailers.

  • No Hot Tire Lifting
  • Top Coat Available to Prevent Staining on lighter colors
  • Splash Guard Option
  • Available in Smooth Levant, Diamond, Coin & Ribbed

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 WARNING: One of the most important parts of this project is choosing the best adhesive. Our adhesive page has a chart showing which type of adhesive to use on the various types of trailer decks. Using the wrong adhesive can lead to unsatisfactory results.

In many cases the best option is going to be no adhesive at all. Your selection is going to depend on the type of enclosure as well as how it will be used. Do not just guess, we are here to help!

If you are not sure which type of adhesive will be best for your project, give one of our experts a call at 800-956-4301.