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Why Us

Why Use Garage Flooring LLC of Colorado

You literally have hundreds, if not thousands of choices for Garage Flooring products, so why us? The simple truth is this. You will find many places online who offer garage flooring but few, if any, who support it with the enthusiasm and expertise we do. Justin Krauss, the owner of the company, literally sends each and every customer an email with his personal cell phone and email address. For most of us, this is an investment. It is an investment in time and in money. Justin takes a personal interest in making sure we do our part right, and that you have all the information you need to do your part right. Every day he walks customers through Polyurea or Epoxy questions. He takes the time to walk customers through installing garage floor tiles or rolling out a mat. Check our reviews in Google & Shopper Approved. Look at all of our customer projects in our articles section. These are real, uncompensated customers. Yes, we have the pricing, return policies and selection you need. So do many places. We believe we are the only place you will find with such a tradition of excellence and personal access to real technical and order support from the person who built the company from the ground up. And when something does go wrong we get it fixed!

Donald S, Florida. 5 Star Review

The product met all expectations and the customer service was exceptional. One of my packages was lost by UPS. I contacted the owner directly and received a response within minutes. The problem was addressed immediately with UPS and I had another package on the way in 24 hours. Can’t ask for a better response than that. I will definitely be doing business with Garage Flooring again.