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Category : BLT G-Floor Mats

Subject: Garage Inspiration

Need a little garage inspiration? That’s what this post is all about! These are real-life photos of our products in action.
TL;DR More Photos; Fewer Words
Their photos and email subject line say it all. Here is a collection of photos, a few kind words, and/or explanative subject line that we received from happy customers.

Need a few more words? Check out our reviews on Shopper Approved.
Subject: We Love the Flooring.

Barbara installed the TrueLock HD Diamond Tiles.
“Floor Looks Great”

Tim installed the AWF…


Mike’s Trailer Installation

“It looks wonderful!”
Mike installed the G-Floor Small Coin Trailer Flooring which was adhered with the BLT Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. Customers like the small coin pattern because it is textured, increasing traction. Additionally, because the small coins are closer together, it is easier to roll over. The felt backing on the trailer flooring provides an added layer of cushion and helps with expansion and contraction issues associated with other products.
Mike’s Review:
The flooring turned out great! I used a 3/8 nap roller…


Bo’s Concession Trailers

Um Yum! Who doesn’t love some good food? Bo builds custom trailers at Texas Mobile Kitchens and uses our BLT Coin flooring to do so. As he puts it:
“Quality product, best price, easy ordering, GREAT shipping, I keep Garage Flooring bookmarked for easy reorder. The coin flooring is a standard feature in all of Texas Mobile Kitchens concession trailers.” – Bo Gardener
Here are some photos of our flooring in Bo’s concession trailers:




Garage Flooring Rolls

Garage flooring rolls are perhaps one of the simplest and easiest ways to cover your garage floor. Garage flooring rolls are also referred to as roll out garage flooring or garage floor mats. They are widely available from many sources, but only G-Floor from Better Life Technology is available in 10′ widths, 6 standard colors and Made in the USA.

While in recent years, Chinese imports have provided another option, they are not much less expensive and greatly increase the…


BLT G-Floor Thickness Measurement Change

BLT G-Floor mats will start being referred to by their total thickness as opposed to the base thickness. This is a more accurate way to compare the product to other products on the market. Some older references may differ, but the actual thickness has not changed.

This will impact all patterns except for the Levant pattern garage floor mat.

The patterns add to the current base thickness as follows:

Coin 35 Mil

Rib 55 Mil

Diamond 45 Mil

Small Coin 30 Mil

So for example. The…


Exclusive G-Floor Trailer Flooring Option

G-Floor Trailer Flooring in 8.5×32 Small Coin

For the last two years we have been working with our customers and the manufacturer to make a roll out trailer flooring that works for the vast majority of our customers. Now we have it. G-Floor Small coin in 32′ lengths. This minimizes waste, maximizes value and covers most of the trailer floors without a single seam.

This trailer flooring is felt backed to promote adhesion, especially when alternative adhesives are used. The small…


Installing 3 or More G-Floor Mats

DIY TIP: Installing 3 or more G-Floor Mats
G-Floor garage floor mats from Better Life Technology expand and contract. Most everything does. Instructions have always talked about leaving room for expansion and contraction. One often overlooked is that if you are installing three or more mats, the middle mat has no place to go, even if there is room left around the outer two. In the right set of circumstances this can cause rippling.

Garage Flooring LLC recently discussed the issue…


Clear Garage Floor Mats

menu-mats Garage Flooring > Garage Floor Mats > Specialty Mats & Rolls > … Read More...

Warning this is an Off Color Post: The Dye Lot Issue

Warning this is an Off Color Post: The Dye Lot Issue

Please forgive the pun, but it really is very appropriate. Trust me when I tell you we have had more that one ‘off color’ conversation with customers that were not aware that ordering flooring at two different times can cause an issue. As a side note, monitors are terrible representation of color so get a sample before you order.
Like any flooring manufacturer, most of our products are made in…


G-Floor Small Coin Garage Floor Mats with Enhanced Traction

menu-mats Garage Flooring > Garage Floor Mats > BLT G-Floor … Read More...