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Category : BLT G-Floor Mats

David’s Garage: AWF Polyurea + BLT Mats

“You Need to Call the Guys at Garage Flooring LLC” – David
This garage looks amazing! David installed three coats of Polyurea and then added the BLT Mats for an extra layer of protection. The AWF Polyurea is an amazing addition to many spaces. The Polyurea is easy to install because of the virtually unlimited pot life. Then, the BLT Coin mats are even easier – just roll them out and trim to fit!
David’s Video Reviews:


BLT Mat Review: OneNGlen

“Awesome Product. Love These Mats.” – Glen
OneNGlen is a fun youtube channel that combines the best of tutorials, reviews, adventures, and family fun. Glen did a review on the BLT Ribbed Garage Floor mats he recently purchased from us. He loves the mats and tells us he would never have a garage without them. He highlights how easy the mats are to clean. The mats contain some debris in their ribs, which can be pushed out of the garage…


Patrice’s BLT Ribbed Garage Floor Mat

The Product is Exactly What I Needed.

Patrice installed the Ribbed BLT garage flooring. The mat is the perfect addition to her garage floor. Installation is simple and easy – simply unroll the product out and trim to fit. The hardest part, as Patrice points out, is moving the roll of flooring. However, the benefits outweigh it. Patrice is now able to easily clean her garage floor. Additionally, her floor simply looks better.


I’m 65 years old and weigh 118 pounds…


Gordon’s Levant Garage Floor Mats

Simple & Sleek
Maybe you have been stuck in the house for a while because of quarantine, and among the things that you’re tired of looking at, your ugly garage concrete just annoys you. You have a busy schedule (maybe it’s working all day, and perhaps it’s binge-watching your favorite series), so an all-day installation project just isn’t for you. You are just parking in the garage and tired of the concrete. If you are looking for a quick install…


Gabrielle’s BLT Small Coin Mats

Thanks again, Justin, for a great product and excellent customer service! -Gabrielle

Gabrielle installed the BLT Small Coin mats to protect her painted floors. The transformation of this garage is absolutely stunning. The mats offer amazing benefits, such as floor protection and a comfortable place to do cartwheels; a feature fully taken advantage of by Gabrielle’s daughter.

Gabrielle’s Review

The mats are perfect. They were the perfect final touch to the garage. We actually painted the floors and the walls. The garage…


Paul’s BLT Diamond Garage Floor Mats

“A company that stands behind its products and truly believes in customer service.” – Paul
We love this garage! Paul and his wife ordered BLT black garage floor mats for their garage. The flooring looks beautiful. At the very beginning, Paul informed us of an issue over the mats, read in his review below. While we strive for perfection, we acknowledge that sometimes we fall short. However, our goal is to provide the highest-quality customer service, even when things go…


Subject: Garage Inspiration

Need a little garage inspiration? That’s what this post is all about! These are real-life photos of our products in action.
TL;DR More Photos; Fewer Words
Their photos and email subject line say it all. Here is a collection of photos, a few kind words, and/or explanative subject line that we received from happy customers.

Need a few more words? Check out our reviews on Shopper Approved.
Subject: We Love the Flooring.

Barbara installed the TrueLock HD Diamond Tiles.
“Floor Looks Great”

Tim installed the AWF…


Mike’s Trailer Installation

“It looks wonderful!”
Mike installed the G-Floor Small Coin Trailer Flooring which was adhered with the BLT Marine and Outdoor Adhesive. Customers like the small coin pattern because it is textured, increasing traction. Additionally, because the small coins are closer together, it is easier to roll over. The felt backing on the trailer flooring provides an added layer of cushion and helps with expansion and contraction issues associated with other products.
Mike’s Review:
The flooring turned out great! I used a 3/8 nap roller…


Bo’s Concession Trailers

Um Yum! Who doesn’t love some good food? Bo builds custom trailers at Texas Mobile Kitchens and uses our BLT Coin flooring to do so. As he puts it:
“Quality product, best price, easy ordering, GREAT shipping, I keep Garage Flooring bookmarked for easy reorder. The coin flooring is a standard feature in all of Texas Mobile Kitchens concession trailers.” – Bo Gardener
Here are some photos of our flooring in Bo’s concession trailers:




Garage Flooring Rolls

Garage flooring rolls are perhaps one of the simplest and easiest ways to cover your garage floor. Garage flooring rolls are also referred to as roll out garage flooring or garage floor mats. They are widely available from many sources, but only G-Floor from Better Life Technology is available in 10′ widths, 6 standard colors and Made in the USA.

While in recent years, Chinese imports have provided another option, they are not much less expensive and greatly increase the…